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Photo: TREATS, Inc.  Treatment Resources and Education for Animals in Temporary Shelter, Inc. Photo of Dog: 7 month old, white, Chow mix. Photo of cat: 4-year old gray tabby. Photo of Cat: 5-year old, neutered male, black and white Persian.  Photo of dog: 3-year old, female.

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Remembering Joe McFadden


Say it ain't so Joe. TREATS has lost one of its most devoted and talented friends. Joe McFadden, a world-class artist and major cat lover, passed away September 23, 2014, after battling lymphoma. He was a kind man who sported a smiling, joyous sense of humor. Joe's giving spirit left an indelible, beautiful imprint on TREATS, Inc.

He never passed up our request to paint a watercolor of cats for TREATS' annual For Cats' Sake art auction to benefit felines. One year, Joe further enhanced his contribution to cats in need and taught a class filled with cat lovers how to paint a watercolor of their own favorite felines; and then he donated the enrollment fees to benefit cats.

But Joe wasn't just a cat lover. He was easily recruited to judge TREATS' dog contests at Santa Paws Walk. You could hear him joke as he happily posed for pictures with the winning dogs as they were awarded their trophies. Joe sprinkled his impressive intellect generously with a wonderful sense of humor. He's a person who will really, really be missed.

Remembering Michele Fijman

DEVOTED VOLUNTER—Rough weather didn’t deter Michele when it came to helping animals. Michele and Zach (in a pink wrap) and his friend, Taylor, dressed for success at this early Santa Paws
Walk. The Michele’s Critters team walked in her memory at Santa Paws Walk 2012.

Sadly, TREATS and animals in our community lost a very devoted friend, and a continual cheerleader, when Michele Fijman lost her 8-year battle with cancer on August 4, 2012. You couldn’t go to a TREATS event without seeing Michele's volunteer handiwork.

Her creativity, effervescent personality and ever-present smile added a special spark to any occasion. She was always our nurse at special events, but even more than that, she was continually scouting for ways to help animals through TREATS.

We first saw Michele when she came to pick up her son Zach from Camp Bark-ly. He was so young; he rushed up to Michele and jumped up into her waiting arms. Years and years later, we last saw the mom-and-son team with Zach towering over his petite mom and helping her load items she had collected for a TREATS fundraiser. She never ever missed an opportunity to help animals.

TREATS Continues Kitty Quilt Program

TREATS has provided 225 kitty quilts to the TLC Animal Service Center, and is offering cat lovers a chance to help make some kitty quilts, too!

"Quilts are like friends, a great source of warmth and comfort." That "comfort" is just what we were after for Tallahassee's homeless cats! TREATS presented 225 custom made quilts to the animal shelter to cover the bottom of their cold stainless steel cat kennels. The quilts were a warm and colorful addition to the kennels that many cats call home each year. A more comfortable and relaxed cat will do much better in what can be a stressful environment. Less stress means healthier and more adoptable cats!

Of course, in addition to the quilts TREATS has provided, we are inviting cat lovers in the community to help as well. If you are a quilter who would like to make a real difference for a homeless cat, we would love to have you join us; learn how now.

Not a quilter? No problem! A $25 donation to TREATS will cover the cost of a new quilt. Just note "kitty quilt" on your donation. TREATS would like to thank the following generous people for making quilt donations:

Roberta Granville, Edith Adams, Irene Dearden, Toni Edwards, Chris Falkey, Donna Fisher, June Hajos, Fern Heess, Peggy Hunter, Donna Joyner, Megan Milla, Julia Price and her 5-yr-old granddaughter, and Pat Todd.

We have also had several anonymous donors. Thank you all for the gift of your talents and generosity. We appreciate you so much.

TREATS would also like to thank Filomena Jack of Quilts and Such in New Jersey for working with us on this important project. Filomena and her staff have worked enthusiastically to make these custom quilts to our exact specifications. We appreciate your hard work and talent!

TREATS contributes dog beds

TREATS purchased 10 Kuranda dog beds for the Animal Service Center. These durable, raised, and chew-proof beds provide relief from the concrete floor for dogs.

TREATS donates to veterinary surgical room
TREATS gave $10,000 to the Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Service Center's new surgical suite.   The new surgical room is used to spay and neuter animals adopted from the facility.  The pledge money was used to purchase equipment for the room.

Have your pet prepared for hurricanes!
During Hurricanes Katrina and Hurricane Rita, there were many homeless animals that needed care and homes.
Don't neglect to make emergency plans that include your pets, as well as other members of your family.

Always take your pet with you if you have to evacuate your home. Never leave it behind to fend for itself.

Make sure you know which hotels will accept pets or know which friends or relatives you can rely on outside the danger area to take care of you and your pets.

Have a pet carrier ready to transport your pet outside the danger area and to provide a safe place for it to sleep. You'll need to pack a supply or pet food, water, bowls, a manual can opener, toys, litter box and litter for cats, bedding and any medicines that your pet is currently taking.

Be sure your pet is wearing a collar with its current rabies tag and ID tag, and have copies of its medical records. Label the pet's carrier with your name, address, and phone number and any important information people need to know about your pet's behavior and health.

Always keep current color photos of your pet in your billfold in case it gets lost during this time away from home, so a lost-pet flyer with a photo can be created quickly. We have months to go on hurricane season – be prepared.

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